Room 115: Kindergarten at Churchill

Kinders in Room 115 lend a hand by collecting the compost on the second floor In this post we've asked Michele White, Room 115’s bilingual Kinder teacher, to share the approach that the classroom's teaching team (Michele and ECEs Erika Niedermeier and Madiha Salem) brings to the classroom. What are your goals as a Kinder... Continue Reading →

Bordenball @ Churchill – Everyone gets to play!!!

Cathy Poch, Churchill Phys Ed teacher, shares her reflections about Bordenball at Churchill, which students LOVED playing from November - December. Cathy shares: "The season ended on December 16th, when 100 students in grades 3-6 walked to Summit Alternative School to participate in the Alternative Bordenball Tournament. Yes, you read that right, 100 STUDENTS!!!! "I... Continue Reading →

Room 116: Kindergarten at Churchill

With Kinder registration coming up, Caroline Sparling, Room 116's bilingual Kinder teacher, shares the approach that the teaching team (Caroline and ECEs Vanessa Pellerin and Yeonwon Seo - see their bios below) brings to the classroom. You can check out the classroom's Instagram account at What are your main goals as a Kinder teacher?... Continue Reading →

Churchillian Newz (Newspaper Club!)

Early in November, students Alice, Isabelle and Emmett came to Yuri, one of our amazing Core French Teachers, with a proposal that she start a club for journalists and editors. The original idea was to develop a newspaper that could be printed. However, after some discussion, everyone decided that an online format would be a greener... Continue Reading →

Completing the Circuit – Parent Involvement

Last week a parent came in to share a lesson with Liza's Grade 2/3 class about breadboards, electricity, and circuits. The parent began by talking about safety around electricity and batteries, and that linking batteries together creates more power. Then, the circuit boards came out. To support their science experiment, each student created a 'truth... Continue Reading →

Churchill School of Rock – In the Community

On December 3rd, the Churchill School of Rock was featured in the Kitchissipi Times story These kids know how to rock and roll. School of Rock performs during this year’s Remembrance Day ceremonies. Photo courtesy Helen Flaherty, Westboro Legion; originally posted in the Kitchissippi Times. The article shares how students have been engaged in the... Continue Reading →

The 7 Tenets: Multi-Age Groupings

Multi-age groupings are used in a variety of ways at Churchill. Most classes include children from two grades (JK/SK, G1/2, G2/3 etc). Each class will also have a Buddy class, e.g. a Kinder class pairs with a Gr 5/6 class where the Kinders all have a grade 5 or 6 buddy who works with them... Continue Reading →

Yoga and Mindfulness

In Dana's grade 4 class, students have been learning a lot about their brains and identifying how our amygdala, prefrontal cortex, and hippocampus work. They've also been developing their "mental fitness" by adopting a variety of mindfulness techniques including sending loving kindness, body breaks, and stretching and yoga. Building these techniques are helping with self-regulation, nurturing a... Continue Reading →

Learning Math with a Restaurant

Last Wednesday, Liza's grade 2/3 class modeled a restaurant to learn math. Specifically, this hands-on activity taught students how to make change. Making change seems easy once you've figured it out, but it involves a lot of math concepts - addition, subtraction, the value of money, number placement. Liza had the students work hard in... Continue Reading →

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