Winter is here!

It's hard to believe, but it seems Winter has already settled in across Ottawa, making life with kids a little more challenging.  Not only is leaving the house a little (OK, a lot!) more involved than simply slipping on a pair of sandals, but there is so much more kids' gear to keep track of,... Continue Reading →

Shocking Science!

Stacey, Owen and Heather's Grade 6 students had a shocking experience on November 8th. They explored, in a hands-on way, the science (electricity) curriculum by creating their own electrical devices. What did they invent? Read their reflections below. "It was really cool being able to make my own circuits. I found out that atoms have... Continue Reading →

Wild Bird Care Centre Visit

On November 8th, Tiiu's Room 308 enjoyed a visit from Patty and Indigo from the Wild Bird Care Centre. The class learned about how the Wild Bird Care Centre takes care of injured birds. We also explored some samples of wings, beaks, and feet from different species of birds to try to understand the differences... Continue Reading →

Les centres d’activité de l’Halloween

Just before Halloween students in grades 5 and 6 worked in small groups and rotated through 6 different french activity centres including vocabulary building, reading comprehension, creative writing, arts/crafts and math. Some were activities where students worked collaboratively. One centre was working with the teacher to provide an opportunity to assess the student's learning. Students... Continue Reading →

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