Clubs and Teams

Responsibility Name Timeline
Art Club Lyne Fridays at 2nd recess (starts 1st week of November)
Back to Nature Maintenance Caroline Ongoing and weekend in May
Compost Dana (Rm. 216) ?
Environment Club/Back to Nature Sharon & Liza Mondays 2nd recess
Food Bank Michele, Dana and Stacey Nov 18-Dec 19
French Club Shellie & Ashley Fridays 2nd recess
Guitar Club (6 String Students) Ray & Owen Wednesdays 2nd recess starting September
Junior Play (Until December) Tiiu, Andrew & Shellie Mondays
Kinder Choir Norma Jean & Vanessa Thursday afternoons
Maker Space Andrew & Tiiu Thursdays 2nd recess
Primary Choir Shellie, Michelle Wednesdays 2nd recess
Run Club (Ottawa Race Weekend) Allison ?
School of Rock Ray, Shellie, Tiiu & Owen, Andrew Tuesdays, Remembrance Day, May prep
Ukulele Club (Jr.) Owen & Tiiu Thursdays 2nd recess
Ukulele Club (Pri.) Owen & Tiiu T.B.D
Cross Country Cathy & Liza Sept.-Oct
Bordenball Nov. – Dec
Triple Ball Cathy Jan- Feb
Basketball Cathy March – April
TBA Sport Cathy May – June

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