Welcome to Churchill Alternative School!

Welcome to our School!
In September 1984, Churchill opened as a Primary Alternative School, with 129 students. The school now operates as a JK-6 program, with 310 students. In 1990-91, the original 1910 structure and additions were razed and replaced by the current building, with only the east entrance being retained as a reminder of the past. Serving the northwest central area of the City of Ottawa, Churchill provides the alternative program to a broad cross-section of students. Churchill Alternative School has the reputation of being an excellent school with a unique philosophy that serves its community well.

The Churchill Mission Statement embodies the goals of partnerships, responsibility, individual success, mutual respect, fostering a love of the arts, modeling lifelong learning and developing a sense of community.

Our school code is…  Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each Other, Take Care of This Place.

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